Broad range of civil litigation experience spanning 30 years, for both plaintiff and defense sides,

  • Public Interest. Representation of Virgin Island Bar Association as counsel before Virgin Islands Supreme Court in successful 2015 appellate challenge to appointment of counsel in indigent criminal defense cases. Brief of Amicus Curiae Virgin Islands Bar Association. Representation of Virgin Islands Bar Association as co-counsel before United States Supreme Court as amicus curiae in case involving Double Jeopardy rights of territorial residents under 6th Amendment to U.S. Constitution. Successful representation in federal trial and appellate proceedings of Superior Court judge in challenge to Governor’s attempt to remove him from presiding judgeship; important separation of powers issues raised. Brief of Appellee, Dunston v. Mapp

  • Toxic torts. Achieved first plaintiff’s verdict in the nation for acute toxic exposure to formaldehyde fumes. Crandall v. Eureka Fluid Works, Inc., U.S. District Court, Arizona, Civil No. No. 86–1741; lead counsel in association with the Law Office of Melvin M. Belli, San Francisco (famously dubbed the “King of Torts” by Life Magazine). Currently defending multiple silicosis claims on behalf of a national air compressor manufacturer.

  • Real estate, condominium, timeshare. Ongoing representation of several condominium associations, officers and directors, in variety of litigation. Represented several timeshare associations in Bluebeard’s Castle litigation. See: Barry Open Letter to 4,000 timeshare owners.

  • Business litigation. Wide range of corporate and transactional disputes at trial, arbitration and appeal. Represented Barclays Investments in complex commercial finance case before U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in notable appellate decision, Barclays Invs., Inc. v. St. Croix Estates.

  • Medical malpractice. Substantial plaintiff’s cases in Arizona (obstetrical/neonatal, neurosurgical, orthopedic, general surgery). Current representation limited to defense of health care providers. See: Virgin Islands Supreme Court opinion in Brady v. Cintron.

  • Aviation. Several plane crashes, with fatalities, and including related insurance disputes. Current “of counsel” affiliation with adjunct professor of aviation law, available to assist pro hac vice upon court approval.

  • Premises liability, other torts. Wide variety, both plaintiff and defense. Achieved structured settlement of $10.4 million for toddler scalded by defective water heater installation by Arizona corporate slumlord. Ash v. Sunbelt Enterprises Project 2040, Maricopa County Superior Court.

  • Products liability. Represented numerous victims of Dalkon Shield IUD complications in Arizona, in association with Law Office of Melvin M. Belli. Among first lawyers in country to represent victims of hearing loss from defectively designed cordless telephones. Represent manufacturer of air compressors in defense of multiple silicosis claims.

  • Insurance litigation. Variety of insurance disputes.

  • Civil racketeering. Plaintiffs and defense side.

  • Employment Law. Primarily defense of employers. See, for example, legal memorandum filed in federal court on behalf of National Radio Astronomy Observatory.

  • Environmental. Assist small businesses in compliance actions. Ongoing pro bono representation of maritime environmental organizations in major litigation against Government, resulting in the St. Croix Sea-Change Accord -a landmark settlement agreement ultimately requiring the Government to cease its practice of discharging millions of gallons a day of treated sewage into the sea. Enforcement litigation ongoing. See press coverage.

  • Criminal appeals. Exceptional cases only; new cases considered only in association with criminal defense counsel. See Petition for Certiorari, United States Supreme Court, United States v. Urgent (raising Sixth Amendment/double jeopardy issues in federal money laundering conspiracy case; appointed counsel) and Brief of Appellant, Virgin Islands Supreme Court, Nicholas v. People, (raising multiple issues, including constitutionality of gun registration law, in first degree murder conviction; appointed as counsel by
    Supreme Court).

  • Past results do not guaranty future success. No description of service implies legal specialization. The Virgin Islands does not certify or recognize any legal specialty.


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